Kingdom Raids


Q3, 2021:
  • Start of the migration of the game to blockchain.
  • Launch MVP version.
  • Launch of first version of landing page.
Q4, 2021:
  • New art concept.
  • Land concept.
  • Balance economy and heroes strength.
  • Seed sale.
Q1, 2022:
  • Launch of updated landing page v2.0
  • Launch marketplace.
  • Private sale.
Q2, 2022:
  • Release Kingdom Raids on iOS and Android.
  • Launch a closed alpha version
Q3, 2022:
  • IDO and exchange listings.
  • Implement in-game features.
  • Integration BSC Application Sidechain
  • NFTs Sale.
Q4, 2022:
  • Launch of Land Gameplay Alpha.
  • Release the game on PC and browser.
  • Integrate advanced Hero features.
  • Launch of Gameplay Mainnet (on 14th October).
  • Research and build more mini-games.
  • Provide funding to community mini-games.
  • Build cross-game plays and asset interoperability.
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