What's Kingdom Raids

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a mystical land called “Dood Kingdom”. It was inhabited by the Dood - gentle and intelligent people who built up a peaceful and prosperous civilization that lasted for thousands of years.

King Dood was the ruler of the kingdom who was famous for his wisdom, kindness, and chivalry. Therefore, he was admired and respected by all the residents. Under his dynasty, people of the kingdom lived happily in harmony and prosperity. The long period of peace makes the Dood become unwary. They did not focus on constructing military and defense systems; they also welcomed people from other regions to exchange and settle down. This kind and generous act, unfortunately attracted some dark forces with nefarious schemes.

Some of the newcomers, mystical creatures of multi-racial from all the universe, wanted to invade the Dood Kingdom with their evil ambitions. They used their dark power to destroy buildings, loot resources and intrude Dood’s lands.

After the insurgency of the invaders, Dood Kingdom was disintegrated and divided into 5 areas corresponding to the 5 elements of nature: FIRE, DARK, WATER, LIGHT, EARTH. Under that circumstance, King Dood summoned heroes, monsters, and mystical creatures from other realms into the kingdom with the intention to fight back and regain control of the lost land from the invaders.

These warriors began to explore the lands, and they quickly discovered many valuable resources beneath their territory. They gathered these resources and used them to create weapons and constructed buildings and defensive fortresses to protect their area and fight against the invaders.

Leading a troop of mighty heroes, players will help King Dood protect the land, expand territory and begin their raid. Besides five main areas, players can discover unexplored territories and conquer monsters for a chance to receive valuable items and rewards.

What will happen next? Will the warriors defend the kingdom and regain the lost land? Join us on the journey of Kingdom Raids!

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